• Legendary drop rates have been increased dramatically
  • Legendary items can now drop from enemies of all levels
  • Players will now get legendary items more frequently  

People Can Fly’s third-person looter-shooter “Outriders” has recently received a patch that doubles the drop rate for legendary weapons and armor as well as a few other tweaks to make grinding the game’s later stages more rewarding for players.

Outriders” had a rocky start, with a myriad of bugs and the game-breaking inventory wipe issue being the primary concerns that blocked some players from making any progress. Even so, those who successfully made it to the endgame noted that the grind for legendary equipment was too tedious. The developers responded to this by upping a few game values that were meant to improve the odds of getting legendary gear across the board.

Apart from the doubled drop rates, People Can Fly also changed how legendary equipment drop in general.

First, level brackets that determine legendary gear loot pools have been removed. This means that any legendary item will now drop from enemies at enemy level instead of the previous system that locked some items behind the most difficult of content. This includes low-level enemies, but the actual odds of them dropping a legendary item remain miniscule.

Grim Marrow, one of the Legendary weapons in Outriders
Grim Marrow, one of the Legendary weapons in Outriders Outriders

Next, players will now have a better chance at getting a completely new legendary item every time a legendary drops. The new Legenary Anti-Duplication System rerolls a legendary item drop whenever it detects that a player already owns a specific gear piece. This system minimizes the amount of duplicates players get, but new gear pieces aren’t always guaranteed.

Some changes to the Luck System were also implemented to make sure that players will get at least one legendary item on a semi-regular basis during the endgame. Players will no longer go for extended periods of time where no legendary items drop regardless of difficulty, but higher difficulty levels will grant a higher drop rate of legendary weapons compared to easier ones.

Lastly, the more legendary items have been added to the scripted legendary drops during the Chrysaloid and Yagak boss fights. Non-class specific armor pieces will now drop from the aforementioned bosses to give early game players a wider option for builds and item synergies.