• The Torturer's Set now deals more AoE damage against enemies hit by Volcanic Rounds' aura
  • The set works well with the Bullet Frenzy node
  • Perpetuum Mobile or Toxic Lead are must-haves for this build

Even with the new ability-focused legendary armor sets for Pyromancers in the “Worldslayer” expansion for “Outriders,” the classic Volcanic Rounds build remains highly competitive even in the highest of difficulties.

The latest additions from the expansion gave this old build a few new ways to be enjoyed, from better quality of life to simply more damage. Here’s a new Volcanic Rounds Pyromancer build for “Outriders: Worldslayer.”

Armor, Mods and Skills

The Torturer set essentially makes the hitboxes of Volcanic Rounds shots three times bigger than usual. Additionally, as of the expansion’s release, it now deals a bit more AoE damage to all enemies affected by Volcanic Rounds whenever one target is directly hit by bullets.

The Torturer's Mask for Pyromancers in Outriders Worldslayer
The Torturer's Mask for Pyromancers in Outriders Worldslayer Outriders

As for mods, players will want those that buff Volcanic Rounds, Heatwave and Ash Blast, as well as ones that increase Firepower. Consider having the following equipped:

  • Death Sentence
  • Molten Lead
  • Susceptibility
  • Radiation Flames
  • Strength From Fire
  • Extra Mag
  • Scorched Earth
  • Burnt-Out
  • Bullet Kindling
  • Trample the Weak

With Death Sentence and Molten Lead, players will enjoy two large 40% damage buffs on top of the other benefits provided by other mods while also freezing every enemy in place with Ash Blast. This results in high single-target DPS and decent mob clear thanks to the Torturer set’s effect.

This setup requires parts of the Acari and Scorched Zealot sets in order to get Molten Lead and Strength From Fire.

Class Tree

The Ash Breaker tree is the best option for this build thanks to its bonuses against Ashen targets. It also provides damage bonuses whenever the player uses Ash Blast. Make sure to take all damage-increasing nodes from the top tree.

As for Pax skills, go down the Gunblazer route and take the Ashen Regalia and Bullet Frenzy nodes for damage and survivability.


Ideally, players should be using any weapon with Dark Sacrifice and Perpetuum Mobile. This combo grants 25% extra damage and virtually unlimited ammo in horde situations.

Toxic-inflicting mods can replace Perpetuum Mobile as long as players replace one of their armor mods with Toxic Lead, which regenerates ammo upon killing poisoned enemies.

Lastly, try to use weapons with a high base ammo capacity like an LMG or a double gun. The former is great for extended firefights, while the latter is amazing against bosses.