Two diamond bracelets that were once owned by Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France, will be auctioned off at an event in Geneva, Switzerland, on Tuesday. The jewels, which are over 200 years old, are expected to go for around $2-4 million.

The auction will be held on Nov. 9 at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues. Christie's jewelry department in Geneva announced in September that the jewels would be sold.

"To find jewels with over 200 years of French royal history is truly something that collectors and passionate jewelry people from all over the world will be keeping an eye on," said Max Fawcett, head of Christie's, in an interview with Reuters.

"How much is someone willing to pay for something from the last queen of France? We have seen the results before of things sold by Marie Antoinette, that there really is no limit to how high these can go and I'm expecting fireworks on Tuesday."

The bracelets are kept concealed in a blue velvet box with the top of it reading, “bracelets of Queen Marie Antionette.” They contain 112 diamonds total and are currently owned by a European royal family.

During the French revolution, Antoinette sent a letter from prison that said a chest with jewels would be sent for safekeeping. The bracelets were inside of that referenced chest, which was given to her daughters after her death.

“Despite Marie Antoinette’s capture in the French Revolution and her unfortunate death in 1793, the bracelets survived and were passed on to her daughter, Madame Royale, and then the Duchess of Parma,” said Fawcett.

“To see them up for auction today is a unique opportunity for collectors around the world to own a piece of French royal history.”