Blizzard Entertainment has recently confirmed the “Overwatch 2” follow-up sequel to its original first-person shooter game in BlizzCon 2019. Along with the new content, Blizzard confirmed that its allowing players to carry progression and access the new content in the upcoming game. However, the company has yet to fully release details about this.

As seen on the official PlayOverwatch site, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed free “Overwatch 2” access to existing “Overwatch” players. Skins, sprays, emotes, player icons, and other cosmetics will be transferred upon playing on “Overwatch 2.”

Moreover, original “Overwatch players will have access on the new modes and maps on “Overwatch 2.” So far, a Canadian map and the “Push” game mode has been confirmed as content for the game. More PvE (Player versus Environment) content are also confirmed upon the release of the sequel. As of now, PvE game modes are exclusively found on the game’s seasonal events.

“Overwatch” director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed on the main stage in BlizzCon 2019 main stage that “Overwatch 2” will be a shared multiplayer environment for its players according to fans on the "Overwatch" Reddit. New “Overwatch 2” players and original “Overwatch” owners will be able to play on the same maps. So far, Blizzard Entertainment has yet to confirm if current “Overwatch” owners will still need to avail the sequel for any reason such as unique cosmetics or locked content.

With these announcements, current “Overwatch” players can be confident that they’ll be able to enjoy the sequel’s content. Other than maps and cosmetics, two new characters, namely Echo and Sojourn, could potentially be added to the roster upon “Overwatch 2’s” release.

Echo is a robot affliated with the Overwatch group and was seen in the Reunion animated short. Her abilities are still unknown but the “Overwatch” scientist Winston has confirmed that she is what the group needs most right now. Meanwhile, Sojourn was introduced in the Uprising event and was a captain in the Overwatch group. She hails from Canada and much of her abilities are yet to be known too. Unlike Echo, her intro poses in the trailer completely confirms her playability in the upcoming sequel.

For now, “Overwatch” fans are still waiting for more concrete reasons to buy the sequel if the new content is confirmed free.

Overwatch 2 - The heroes assemble for the newly-announced Overwatch 2.
While Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan does not want to give us any hint about the release date of "Overwatch 2," it appears that a French retailer may have accidentally leaked it online already. Blizzard Entertainment