Overwatch Ana Bastet
After the Bastet event comes the "Overwatch" Chinese New Year event. Blizzard Entertainment/Overwatch

The "Overwatch" Year of the Pig event will finally start on Jan. 24. Players will also be given Lunar New Year-themed skins for its characters. Here’s what we know about this event.

As seen on the official "Overwatch" Twitter, the new skins and other cosmetics to be released on the event are being revealed on this site. So far, here are the confirmed cosmetics on Twitter so far:

For this year, the reveals seem to be focused more on introducing known soldiers in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms characters, which are known as formidable warriors of their time. While their weapons don’t exactly match the person the "Overwatch" heroes are dressing up as, they’re still strong in their own right.

In the previous "Overwatch" Lunar New Year events, Blizzard Entertainment simply released characters wearing some festive Chinese New Year outfits. Additionally, "Overwatch" has also covered the Journey To The West skins where heroes had skins based from Sun Wukong, Tang Sanzang, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing.

In other news, "Overwatch" recently ran the Bastet event where a new Ana skin was given out for free as long as players won nine PvP matches during the event. Aside fron Ana’s new costume, Solider 76 was revealed to have had a male lover during his younger years. This excited many of the fans as more details about his character was revealed and many liked that the game had LGBTQ representation.

As for other character reveals, we’ve yet to know which character will be added in "Overwatch" soon. So far, the Bastet storyline only pushed more backstories for Ana and Soldier 76, while also pushing the game’s plot for a little bit. While Soldier 76’s seems like a potential pick, his inclusion in the playable cast might be similar to Widowmaker as the person is a civilian with no known special qualities.