Following Palm Pre's rollout into the U.S. smart phone market on June 6, analysts and public alike have been eager to know how sales performed during the debut.

Both Sprint and Palm are not discussing specific sales figures, but the Palm did say that Pre's debut broke first-day and first-weekend sales records for a Sprint device.

Sprint is a very different company than it was 12 months ago, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse stated in the release. Palm Pre is the coming-out party for the new Sprint.

According to Palm's official blog, more than 150,000 apps were downloaded on the first day the Pre was available.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal cites one such analyst that pegs sales figures at somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 units sold. Meanwhile, a J.P. Morgan report estimates more than 50,000 units were punted in the first two days.

In general, Pre sales were strong, but not as strong compared to Apple who sold about 146,000 of the original iPhone in its first weekend.