Palm will officially launch its Palm Pixi, the smaller companion to the Palm Pre, this Sunday, Nov. 15.

The Palm Pre (left) VS the Palm Pixi (right)

In terms of features,The Palm Pre has a slide out keyboard, while the Palm Pixi's keyboard is on the actual phone itself. The size of the keyboard has therefore been compromised because of the keyboard, making it 2.6 inches compared to the Pre's 3.1 inches. However, this does not affect the users experience with the keyboard, several reviewers have said it's more user-friendly than the Palm Pre.

Underneath the screen, there is a black area which is called the Gesture Area, similar to that of the Pre's. You can use this to navigate through the Palm WebOS using special touch gestures that you choose.

WebOS is Palm's mobile operating system that runs on the Linux kernel with proprietary components developed by Palm. The webOS offers online social network and Web 2.0 integration.

The Palm Pixi has 2-megapixel camera compared to Pre's 3-megapixel and it comes with a LED flash. It comes with GPS, 3G data, 3.5mm headphone jack, and 8GB of onboard storage. Although it does not come with WiFi, if you’re within reach of Sprint’s network, you’ll be able to get 3G data speeds.

Although the Palm Pre is definitely the premium device of the two with a larger, more vibrant screen and better specs, however, the Pixi is great if you looking for a smaller phone that does almost everything the Pre does.

The Palm Pixi will be launched this Sunday on the Sprint network for $99.99 on a two-year contract with a $100 mail-in rebate, but there are already better deals out there. Wal-Mart seems to want to get a bit of the action and will offer it for just $30 instead.

Check out a demo video below of the Palm Pixi: