Epic Games is rolling out the biggest update for “Paragon” yet, and it is one that brings a whole new gaming experience to the free-to-play MOBA. The release of the Monolith Update comes a year after the developer and publisher announced MOBA Paragon at PlayStation Experience. It also comes after a series of updates that introduced a new hero to the game every three weeks.

Announcing the good news to players via the PlayStation Blog, lead hero designer Cameron Winston wrote the Monolith Update is the product of a year of feedback from players, datas and the things they learned in the process of improving the game. The update will be available for download starting this Tuesday, Nov. 6, but Winston has already revealed the changes that fans will surely enjoy.

The first improvement with this update is the faster and more action-packed gameplay. Once players have installed the update, they will notice right away how movement speed has become faster and how attack execution speed has become more seamless and quicker. Speaking of this enhancement, system designer Kevin Abbott said, “It’s faster not just in movement. There’s a lot more flow to the match.”

Then, there’s the introduction of a new, compact map called Monolith. Though it is 30 percent smaller than the current map, which Epic Games is now calling “Legacy,” it brings out more drama, conflict and other elements that make the gameplay even more interesting. Abbott said, “The map is less of like an arena and more like an ecosystem. Players need to understand how it all works together.”

The Monolith Update also brings changes to every Hero there is in the game. The concept of “Physical” and “Energy” Heroes has now been altered. Players are required to have cards with a unified “Power” stat to ensure that their basic attacks and abilities are stronger. Every Hero has also been modified to come with faster speeds and kill times. Interestingly, the developer did some extra work on Hero Twinblast to make him more lethal. The company even released a trailer on how Twinblast performs in the game now that it has been re-worked.

Other changes to “Paragon” are found on the armor, damage and the cards. Damage types have been modified to allow better itemization of armor against incoming damage. Basic Armor will now be useful against primary attacks, while Ability Armor will be helpful in defending against incoming spells. Aside from the changes in the game, Epic Games has also announced that players are getting Double XP and Rep the entire week.

“The Monolith Update is not just a new map. It’s actually a new gameplay experience for our players,” Winston said of the update. “…With this Monolith Update is the most dynamic, exciting, immersive, action-based MOBA experience. It has been redesigned from the bottom up. It’s totally different. It’s a brand new experience.”

Check out the full release notes of the update on Epic Games website.