Nine years ago, Rafe Biggs of Oakland, Calif., broke his neck when he fell off a roof and was left paralyzed from the chest down, leaving him to wonder -- and worry -- if he’d ever experience sexual pleasure again.

Turns out he can.

Biggs, 43, says that his thumb is his “surrogate penis,” and that he gets “orgasmic sensations” whenever it’s stimulated.

“I never thought it would be possible, but massaging and sucking on my thumb, feels a lot like my penis used to feel -- it’s really hot,” said Biggs, whose girlfriend helped him discover this phenomenon a year after the accident.

Sex therapists like Lisa Skye Carle, who works with Biggs, calls it a “transfer orgasm -- where another place on the body gives the same sensation.”

Biggs has made it his mission to helping quadriplegics lead sexually fulfilling lives, working with the group “Sexability,” an "organization committed to empowering people with disabilities to explore sexuality and creating intimate loving relationships. Since our beginning in 2006, we have been working with individuals, groups and organizations to transform sexuality and disability,” according to the organization’s website.

In an interview with HuffPost UK, Biggs said: “A lot of people have this idea that those with a disability aren't interested in sex or can't have sex. It's not true. I'm trying to change that perception and generally support people, whatever their disability, to create intimate, loving relationships.”