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"Parenthood" stars Sarah Ramos and Miles Heizer, pictured at the 2015 ATX Television Festival, revealed whether or not they would partake in a potential film based on the hit NBC series. IBTimes/Megan Schaefer

Good news, “Parenthood” fans! Apparently Jason Katims, executive producer of the hit NBC series, isn’t the only one who would love to see a Braverman reunion! During the 2015 ATX TV Festival, both Sarah Ramos, who portrayed Haddie Braverman on the drama, and Miles Heizer, who took on the role of Drew Holt, admitted that they wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of reprising their beloved characters in the future.

“Of course!” Ramos told the International Business Times after being asked whether or not she’d slip back into Haddie’s shoes. The actress’ on-screen cousin quickly chimed in that he would “definitely” jump at that chance to revive the sweet and shy Drew. “I’d love to do it,” he gushed to IBTimes.

Following the series finale of “Parenthood,” which aired in January, Katims attempted to soothe the broken hearts of fans when he teased that a Braverman-based movie wasn’t such a far-fetched idea.

"I love the idea of doing a reunion movie like ‘Boyhood,’ where every year, everybody commits a week to doing this project,” the EP told E! Online following the end of the show. “Maybe it's not that crazy to think that we could pull something like that off. When the time comes, I'll start picking up the phone and calling these people.”

Katims went on to explain why he’s pushing for everyone’s favorite TV family to reunite on film.

“With ‘Parenthood,’ I think there is something really intriguing with it. Because I want to know where this family is in three years or five years. I want to see what Max (Max Burkholder) is like in his first job. I want to see where these people are down the road. But a million things have to come together in terms of getting all of these people available at the same time. And what's the right context of it all,” he said.

Well, at least Katims now knows two of the Braverman clan members would be willing to partake in the impending flick. In fact, Ramos said ending her stint on the show completely devastated the cast of the six-season series.

“It was rough,” she began to reminisce to IBTimes what her final day on the “Parenthood” set felt like. “Everyone was crying. The twin girls, who play Nora (Mia & Ella Allen), they were crying a lot it was heartbreaking -- and it set off a lot of other tears.”

Heizer added that as “weird, hard and sad” as it was to close the chapter on “Parenthood,” it was “also nice to be able to remember something so special.”

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