In the days following President Donald Trump’s announcement he would withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, elected officials, business leaders and celebrities spoke out, voicing concerns about the decision and the changing climate on Twitter, and forming an alliance to uphold the accord despite Trump's actions.

More than 1,200 governors, mayors, higher education leaders and businesses signed a statement declaring “We Are Still In.” The statement says: “The Trump administration's announcement undermines a key pillar in the fight against climate change and damages the world's ability to avoid the most dangerous and costly effects of climate change. Importantly, it is also out of step with what is happening in the United States.”

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The states that signed the letter include Virginia, Oregon and North Carolina. Additionally, companies like Google, Tesla, Apple, Amazon and Yahoo! Inc. all signed, along with the presidents of New York University, Northeastern University,  and the universities of Oregon, California and Connecticut, among others.

The states and cities included in the list of signatories represent more than $6.2 trillion of the U.S. economy. The mix of businesses, including 20 Fortune 500 companies, and investors represent more than $1.4 trillion in revenue each year, the press release said.

The signatories declared they are dedicated to doing what it takes to curb carbon emissions to keep climate change to 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, as the Paris Climate Agreement stipulates. The statement emphasized that regardless of the actions of the president or lawmakers in Washington, those who signed would be doing their part to lower emissions. The press release said the signers understand the agreement is a “blueprint for job creation, stability and global prosperity.

Trump said the climate agreement “disadvantages the United States,” would “undermine our economy” and “impose unacceptable legal risk” on the country in announcing his decision Thursday.

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However, the agreement, written in 2015, includes no legal or financial consequences for not lowering emissions, the United Nation’s website notes. While Trump may not do his part to lower emissions, companies and states will be doing what they can to further renewable energy and energy efficiency, the statement said.

The “We Are Still In” statement followed a weekend of criticism from governors and mayors across the country. While cities around the world were lit green in support of the agreement and the environment, three governors formed the U.S. Climate Alliance almost immediately after Trump’s announcement. More joined during the weekend, bringing the total to 13, said  the release from the office of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the alliance co-chair.