Police riot gear
Police riot gear on display outside Paris at the Milipol security expo. Michael Kurcfeld

PARIS -- Days after seven militants carried out the deadliest terrorist attack in Paris since World War II, France is hosting Europe’s largest anti-terrorism and law enforcement exhibition this week, an annual affair called Milipol that features nearly 1,000 defense companies from around the world.

The timing of the conference is purely coincidental. But, as many of company’s executives openly admit, the attacks in Paris -- and other acts of terrorism like it -- drive demand for their products. In some sense, Milipol couldn’t be happening at a better time.

Set in a vast exhibition center about 45 minutes north of Paris’ city center near Charles De Gaulle airport, the four-day event is expected to draw nearly 30,000 visitors from over 50 countries. On display are a wide range of anti-terror products and gadgets, ranging from combat drones to assault rifles to surveillance gear to tear gas.

The International Business Times is on the ground in Paris and spoke with several of the executives at the conference.