Celebrity chef Paula Deen has been losing sponsors consistently since her racial slur controversy erupted, but there is one show out there that wants the “Butter Queen” to appear on it: ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” At least, that’s a rumor Naughty But Nice Rob reported on Friday. Could the celebrity dance show be her shot at redemption?

“The producers would love to have Paula join the cast of next season,” Naughty But Nice Rob quoted an insider as saying on VH1’s morning show, “The Gossip Table.” “They have a history of casting controversial people like Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin ...  if Paula says ‘yes,’ you can add her to that list.”

“We don’t comment on casting,” a spokesperson for “DWTS” told Naughty But Nice Rob, "and haven’t announced the premiere date for the new season yet. Sorry!”

Deen might not be interested in appearing on “DWTS. She had been offered a position on the show in the past but refused it, telling Extra: "Fat girls don't look good sweating. I've got catfish arms ... And I've got -- is that a muffin top right there?"

If not “DWTS,” maybe “Celebrity Apprentice?” VH1 quoted Trump as saying:

“Celebrity Apprentice has proven to be a great format for reinventing and re-establishing careers ... i.e.: Brett Michaels, Arsenio Hall, Trace Atkins, Joan Rivers and many others. Paula Deen’s reputation has taken a big hit, and what better way to make a comeback than by raising money for charity?”

The Examiner wrote that Deen has been dropped so-far by: Food Network, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Walgreens, J.C. Penny, Target, QVC, Smithfield, Caesars Entertainment Corp., Novo Nordisk, Ballantine and Home Depot. 

Deen appeared on the "Today Show" with Matt Lauer to apologize for saying the "N-word," but some say she might have done more harm then good. "I is what I is," she sobbed, "And I'm not changing."