Intel’s managerial unit declared on Thursday that keyboardless netbooks and tablets maybe a new cult thing, but it is not killing off PCs (Personal Computers), a report said.

The Intel executives, at an annual investor relations event in San Francisco, defended PCs against claims that tablets were chipping into the market and people are more attracted towards tablets than a PC.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said this is the right time to re-structure the PCs and alter the design of notebook chips. Otellini, in his speech, never mentioned about tablets when he talked about “smart devices”. He added that PC and phone growth dictates tablet growth to such an extent that it is not worth a mention.

Otellini pointed out that a tablet should be seen as a second or third or fourth device and not a replacement for the PC. It is a toy for the very rich. Even if tablets were to consume up to a third of PC growth, it won't affect more than a few percentage points of the PC market's compound annual growth rate (CAGR).