Peacock TV, NBCUniversal’s entry into the increasingly heated streaming service market, launched on Wednesday on numerous platforms, but not on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, the two biggest producers of streaming devices. The same was true for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max in May, which still has not launched on the popular devices. Reports indicate that this consistent issue has highlighted a conflict that could have major implications for the future of streaming.

Variety reports that the stalemate between these companies comes down to two major factors: the division of profits and the methods by which consumers will access the content.

One inside source told Variety that Roku and Amazon are seeking an “egregious” cut of the money from the new streaming platforms. Sources on the other side have described the terms as “reasonable” and accused NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia of approaching the deals with “old TV” mindsets.

The two media companies are also unwilling to allow their platforms’ content to be accessible through Amazon Prime Channels and the Roku Channel. These services offer content from premium streamers, like HBO and Showtime, while keeping users within the Amazon and Roku ecosystem. This distinction has major ramifications for which companies get to collect valuable viewing data.

Apple, which offers a similar “channels” program, agreed to stop offering standard HBO in order to ensure the presence of HBO Max on its devices. Roughly 5 million HBO subscribers access the service through Prime Channels.

“Consumers have purchased these devices with the expectation they will be able to access all of the apps, so our hope is that all platforms will do right by their users and carry it,” a Peacock spokeswoman said about the issue.

How to Get Peacock Streaming Service
NBC Universal's Peacock streaming platform launches on July 15. Peacock TV