Republicans on Monday asked the Supreme Court to stop a Pennsylvania court ruling that extends the due date for mail ballots in the key battleground state.

In their Monday filing, top officials from Pennsylvania’s Republican legislative leaders asked the Supreme Court to pause the ruling while they formally appeal to the justices.

“In the middle of an ongoing election, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has altered the rules of the election and extended the 2020 General Election beyond the 'Time' established by the state legislature,” they wrote. “In doing so, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has violated federal law and the federal Constitution.”

The court’s decision earlier this month requires election officials to accept ballots after Election Day, as long as they arrive within three days.

The ruling was considered a win for Democrats since Biden voters are more likely than Trump supporters to vote by mail in November.

The filing comes after the Justice Department found that a handful of military ballots had been discarded in Pennsylvania.

While the Justice Department failed to specify where the ballots were found, officials said nine ballots were recovered, seven of which had been cast for Trump. The Justice Department on Thursday ordered the Pennsylvania county involved to change its procedures.

White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows called the DOJ’s findings very concerning and argued the validity of mail-in voting.

“We now know that we have a Department of Justice investigation in the ballots that were discarded from veterans in Pennsylvania. That’s very troubling," he said.

President Trump and his aides have argued for months that the expansion of mail-in voting for the Nov. 3 election will cause widespread voter fraud, especially in states sending ballots to all voters, whether they requested a mail-in ballot or not. However, experts say there is no evidence of mail-in voter fraud and elections boards have assured they have checks in place.