Here is a trick that will allow users to get bigger discounts on things they buy on Amazon. Courtesy/Amazon

Amazon is known for its massive discounts for online shoppers. Now, coupon site Rather Be Shopping has revealed a way Amazon shoppers to take find even more savings.

The guide released by Rather Be Shopping may not be always successful but it does give an opportunity to benefit from better discounts on Amazon. In order to save more on Amazon, users must first find a product with a lower price tag on another shopping site or physical store. Then they must search for the same product on Amazon and scroll down the page to the “Product Details” section. Next, they click on “Tell us about a lower price.” Here, users must enter the information about the lower-priced product from the other site along with its proof. Users are required to enter details like the URL of the competitor shopping website, cost, shipping price and current date. By hitting the “Submit the Feedback” button, users send the details to Amazon.

To get the higher discount, the user needs to bookmark the same product page and view it again repeatedly for few days to check for a price reduction. There is a possibility that Amazon may make the price of the device lower than the price proof provided.

The Rather Be Shopping blog claims that it has successfully increased discounts by notifying Amazon about a lower price tag with another shopping website. However, it has been unsuccessful in reducing the price of a product below a cheaper in-store listing. It adds that's probably because it may be easier for Amazon to cross-check the online cost compared to an in-store price in a local area.

The blog also says that if a user finds that Amazon lowered the price of the product after he bought it from Amazon, he can take advantage of the price protection service within 10 days of the purchase. Amazon will refund the difference between the paid price and the existing price.