Police were investigating a case of animal cruelty after two pet dogs were fatally shot in Longview, Washington, earlier this month.

Speaking to the Daily News on Monday, Luke Moore, the owner of the two huskies, said the canines escaped from the backyard on Sept. 6. While searching for the dogs, a witness told him that he had seen a person loading the canines into a truck. Moore was also told by the witness that the person loading the truck told him that one of the canines had attacked and killed a pet cat. The following day, Longview police told Moore the suspect admitted to fatally shooting the canines after taking them out. The shooter then dumped the bodies in a swamp. Though the exact location of the bodies was not known, Moore said he would retrieve the bodies with a diver’s help. The identity of the suspect was not revealed.

Moore believes the canines, named Marley and Link, were killed in retribution as Link accidentally killed the shooter’s cat a few months ago. Earlier this year, Link wrestled the feline after escaping from the yard. The cat died in the attack. Following this, Moore agreed to have his pet be monitored by the Cowlitz County Humane Society. Moore said the shooter lived in the neighborhood.

“They could have come talked to me, said, ‘Hey, can you pay for the damages that you did to our cat.’ Worked it out like normal people, not wait to retaliate against my innocent animal. ... I can understand being mad at Link ... but Marley was innocent,” Moore said.

Moore now wants the shooter to be charged for the actions.

“I want anything and everything thrown at them. I don’t want them to ever be around another animal again. I want his gun rights taken away for shooting them,” Moore said.

The dog owner said his family was still in shock and furious about what happened. He added that his daughter was “devastated.”

“They were just average, friendly, outgoing huskies. They loved everybody they came in contact with. You come over to the house, they’d jump on you, give you love, lots of attention,” he added.

No charges were filed in the case as of Monday evening. The carcasses of the dogs were not recovered.