A pet dog was mauled to death by three large canines in front of its owner. The incident took place in Valencia County, New Mexico, on Thursday morning.

Speaking to NBC-affiliated television station KOB 4, Arlene and Eddie Chavez said they heard a dog screaming in distress moments after their grandchildren boarded the school bus. To their shock, they noticed three large dogs mauling their pet pomeranian.

“I heard screaming and crying. It was our dog, it was Roxy. They had mangled her,” Arlene said.

By the time they got to their pet, it was too late as the dog had already suffered serious injuries.

“She was in such bad shape, she went to hide, to die. Her skin, everything was gone,” Arlene said. They rushed the canine to a nearby animal hospital where it was euthanized because of the severity of the injuries.

Following a complaint filed by them, the large dogs were captured and will be quarantined until further ruling by the judge.

Fearing that it could have been anyone in the place of their dog, Arlene said, “Look what they did to this dog, they could do it to a child, anybody.”

Meanwhile, the owner of the three dogs was cited for owning dangerous animals.

In a similar incident in Paulsgrove, England, earlier this month, a pet chihuahua was mauled to death by a husky. The dog’s owners rushed to their garden after hearing their pet screaming in distress. They found a husky holding the dog between its jaws. Before they could fight off the husky, it ran away with their pet in its mouth. The husky eventually let go off the chihuahua, however, it was too late by then.

Pomeranian dog
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