Obsidian Entertainment took to rewards and investment crowdfunding platform Fig on Friday in hopes of getting enough support from backers to develop its “Pillars of Eternity” sequel, “Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.” Less than 24 hours since the crowdfunding project was launched, the company reached its goal of $1,100,000. Because of this, fans can now expect the game to arrive on Steam, GOG and other platforms next year.

According to Obsidian, players can expect “Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire” to arrive within the first quarter of 2018. There isn’t a specific date for the release of the game yet, but it has already received the green light given the fervent support of backers. Hence, it is very likely for the title to become available on Steam, GOG, Windows, Mac and Linux systems early next year.

In an update to its backers, Obsidian wrote that it is excited to to finally bring the sequel to its famous RPG. The company also revealed that it will be releasing a special press coverage for fans in the next four or five days. In addition, Obsidian has announced its first stretch goal, which is to raise $1.4 million for its sub-classes. In exchange for this new goal, video game designer Josh Sawyer said that they will be giving a “different flavor to a class through specialization.” Sawyer also promised fans that more gameplay, world-building and customization are also being prepared as part of the stretch goals.

As of writing, the crowdfunding project for “Deadfire” has almost $1.4 million, which is 123 percent of its goal. This is thanks to the 12,362 backers who showed their support for the upcoming game. Crowdfunding will continue until Feb. 25, so it won’t be surprising if the pledges skyrocket until then.

Obsidian is accepting several types of backers. The base pledge is for the $5 Obsidian Initiate that comes with the forum badge reward. The highest pledge is the $5,000 worth Own An Island tier for two backers only. From its name alone, it’s obvious that the backers who are willing to pay for this will be given the chance to name a location on the world map after them. Aside from the naming advantage, the two backers are also getting a bunch of other rewards such as special in-game items, a VIP Forum Badge and 20 digital copies of the game.

As per Engadget, “Deadfire” is much like its predecessor. Players will be returning to the world of Eora, which is expected to boast of new features and offer more freedom for explorations. Interestingly, certain narrative elements in the game are formed based on the decisions players make in-game and based on the things they did with their characters in the original “Pillars of Eternity” game.