Pippa Middleton
Here are the different honeymoon spots for James Matthews and Pippa Middleton. Pictured: Couple attends the service at St Mark’s Church on Christmas Day on Dec. 25, 2016. Getty Images/Andrew Matthews - WPA Pool

Pippa Middleton is getting married this weekend and many are wondering where her honeymoon with soon-to-be husband, James Matthews, will be. Here are the potential destination for the two.

As Kate Middleton’s sister officially bids her single life goodbye on May 20, Vogue provided some predictions for the soon-to-be newlyweds’ honeymoon.

Scotland - Pippa will inherit the title of Lady Glen Affric. Since the Highlands are one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth and considered as her fiance’s home, many believe that Scotland is a perfect honeymoon spot for Pippa and Matthews.

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Mustique – Pippa and her family, the Middletons, usually take holidays on this Caribbean island every January, just in time for the Blues Festival. However, while this place is private and beautiful, Pippa has lots of childhood memories here that it might not appear romantic to her anymore.

Mozambique - This place is home to a number of the world's most beautiful beaches and private islands. With crystal waters in utter seclusion, the newlyweds are sure to enjoy their honeymoon here. If they want to be adventurous, Pippa and Matthews can go on snorkeling and mangrove kayaking.

South Africa - If Pippa and Matthews want to experience the thrills of an African safari, they should come and visit this place. Kate and Prince William got engaged in Kenya, so if the bride-to-be does not want her South African visit to be associated with her royal sister, she can avoid that particular country and claim her own decadent lodge like the Zulu Camp at Shambala Private Game Reserve.

Switzerland – Pippa is known for her love of skiing. In fact, her hen party was spent in Meribel, France that’s why Mirror believes that this is another potential honeymoon spot for Pippa and Matthews, who hit the slopes together during their winter breaks or for a charity challenge. A ski holiday is a sure romantic getaway for the lovers.

Meanwhile, the Royal Caribbean cruise giant is extending a cordial invitation to Pippa and her soon-to-be-husband. They offer to host the honeymoon of the year with an itinerary around the Caribbean. “Since the beginning of time, the sea has romanced explorers, poets and lovers alike and we hope the new couple will join us to share their special celebration,” said Fabiana Tadiello, Royal Caribbean Wedding Coordinator, Express reported.

Aside from that, they created a suite on board called Pippa Suite that is designed for an almost-royal visitor. The suite features plush furnishing with lilac throws and cushions with a few shades of regal purple hues. It also includes a sunrise yoga station with ocean views, a bedside smoothie machine and golden goose ornaments.

“We’re looking forward to the possibility of welcoming Pippa onboard so she can feel like a princess during her honeymoon, staying in her own dedicated Pippa Suite, right next door to the original Royal Suite,” Tadiello explained. “To celebrate the most-anticipated honeymoon of the year, we have also identified the perfect itinerary for other bride and grooms to enjoy. Inspired by the marriage of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, we believe the itinerary would deliver an extraordinary and truly ‘almost-royal’ experience.”

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