Pirate Bay's Olympic Outing
As the world continues to devour news on Olympics 2012, The Pirate Bay the popular BitTorrent site is quietly subduing its Olympics campaign. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay, billed as "The galaxy's most resilient BitTorrent site," which renamed itself as Olympic Bay - coinciding with the Opening Ceremony of Olympics 2012 - and sported a new logo on homepage in conjunction with the five Olympic rings with the tagline "this is for everyone," has ever since reverted to its original logo on the home page despite Olympics being the trending topic.

TorrentFreak first reported how the popular BitTorrent site tried to cash in on the Olympics fever with the rebranding exercise and also hosted the torrent file of the opening ceremony of Olympics 2012 within 24 hours of the actual event, much to the annoyance of content owners.

However, the exercise helped many view the opening ceremony when their attempts to view live streaming on NBC went kaput. As expected, the rebranding exercise and the torrent file drew adverse comments as the TorrentFreak wondered if the International Olympic Committee would seek the help of Swedish Minister of Justice as they did in 2008.

However, this is not the first time that the site engaged in such rebranding tactics. Earlier too, when Apple's OS X x86 leaked in July 2005, the site was renamed to Pear Bay and linked to the leaked torrent, the TorrentFreak noted.

Also in July 2005, The Pirate Bay put up a logo based on the Grand Theft Auto for the release of new website, the Grand Theft Bay.

TorrentFreak noted that in 2008, The Pirate Bay scorned Hollywood by linking to a leaked version of "The Dark Knight" from its homepage.

Looks like the Pirate Bay seems to be chewing on more than it can bite. But several browsers did watch the Opening Ceremony video on the BitTorrent site as NBC live streaming faced issues on the first day.

The Lockergnome also cited in its report how the paid cable subscribers felt when NBC live streaming failed to live up to their expectations on the first day.