• Johnny Depp may return in "Pirates of the Caribbean 6"
  • Script of the movie is being developed
  • The producers are not sure what Depp's role will be

Johnny Depp may return as the infamous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean 6.” Casting and production of the project is yet to begin, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer hinted at the return of the popular character in a recent interview.

Depp has been involved in some controversies in the past, which made people wonder about the future of the actor’s career. The actor has been the face of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise since the beginning. Bruckheimer hinted at Depp’s return in the sixth instalment in an interview with Collider.

When asked about Depp, Bruckheimer said that he and the others who are working on the project aren’t sure what the veteran actor’s role is going to be. The producer didn’t say that the actor will have to skip the film and it appears there are going to keep all options open. One of the ways they can bring back the actor without creating too much of a controversy is to bring him for a cameo role.

The first thing the producers will need to star figuring out the production schedule and the cast is to have the script ready. Bruckheimer said that they are working on a draft right now, which will have to be approved by Disney executives before the work begins. The producer isn’t sure by when they will complete all the work to begin filming.

According to a previous report by CBR, the producers were considering moving ahead with the franchise by focussing on young talent while keeping Depp away. That approach may have changed because Bruckheimer appears to be open to having the veteran actor back.

According to Screen Rant, if the producers plan to replace Jack Sparrow they should bring in the character Redd. The character is in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Redd is a “swashbuckling pirate” who is described as being “just as quick-witted and bold as Jack.”

Will Redd take the lead role in “Pirates of the Caribbean 6”? The move will not only bring in an exciting new character with the female lead, but also help the franchise become more diverse with its female characters.