• "The Walking Dead" Season 11 may introduce the Commonwealth
  • Stephanie may be from the Commonwealth
  • The plot will also explore Daryl and Negan's relationship

“The Walking Dead” Season 11 will be about the heroes meeting a new community and face a different kind of challenge. The new character from this community is Stephanie (Margot Bingham), who has already been introduced on the show, and she will be the key to expanding the world in the series like never before.

After facing the devastating wars against the Saviors and the Whisperers, the heroes will have to face a new kind of a challenge in the next season. Eugene (Josh McDermitt) has been in touch with Stephanie through the radio, and the character appears to be generous person who wants to help.

Who is Stephanie? According to Screen Rant, she may be from a community known as the Commonwealth. In the comics, on which the TV series is based, the Commonwealth is actually a network of communities that works with people to build a new civilization after the zombie apocalypse.

The TV series is yet to confirm that Stephanie is from the Commonwealth, but the radio communication is the clue about the new faction because this is how it was introduced in the comics. Unlike the Saviors and the Whisperers, this new group will not try and kill the heroes in “The Walking Dead” Season 11, but there will be other forms of challenges.

One relationship that is going to be explored further in the next season will be that of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Daryl (Norman Reedus). Co-executive producer Angela Kang previously told Deadline that the show is going to look at how Daryl treats Negan. On the one hand, Negan has done some good work for the group by infiltrating the Whisperers and killing Alpha (Samnatha Mortan), but on the other hand, the character’s past makes Daryl stay suspicious.

The next season was initially supposed to air later this year, but it remains to be seen if the release date will be changed because of the coronavirus lockdown. Morgan previously said in an interview with “Live With Kelly And Ryan” that no one knows when the filming for “The Walking Dead” Season 11 will begin.

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Negan is back in "The Walking Dead" Season 10. The Walking Dead/Facebook