Inside Out
Joy and Sadness from the Disney/Pixar film "Inside Out" are set to join "Disney Infinity 3.0," along with other characters from the movie.

The emotional characters and imaginative world from the upcoming film “Inside Out” by Pixar are set to join Anakin Skywalker, Mulan and others in the “Disney Infinity 3.0” game. The story for these characters is set sometime after the events of the film that comes out in June -- and will feature a number of levels to explore and puzzles to solve.

Each emotion seen in the Pixar film will be present in “Disney Infinity 3.0.” They include Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. Polygon reported that each character will have his or her own unique ability to traverse the world: Joy can glide across gaps, Fear can run fast, Anger can take lava, Disgust can jump high and Sadness can skip across blue clouds.

Players won’t simply be choosing one character, however, as all five emotions are part of the game’s adventure. Players will be able to switch between any of the five emotions to get through puzzles and situations that only a specific emotion can handle.

While some of the previous “Disney Infinity” content involved combat or exploration, it appears that “Inside Out” will be more along the lines of a 2D and 3D platform game. According to a hands-on playthrough from IGN, “Inside Out” plays like a genuinely challenging platformer where the player must use each emotion’s special ability to travel through the world and get through various obstacles.

The layout for the game’s world is interesting, as it is divided half-horizontally, so one part of the level plays like a 2D platformer, while the other half plays like a 3D one. The emotions will have to travel between the worlds in order to solve puzzles, spot gaps in the stages and eventually collect secrets that can be found throughout the game.

It seems like “Disney Infinity” is bigger and more inventive than ever, with “Star Wars” characters, kart racing and now, various forms of platforming. “Disney Infinity 3.0” will be available for all major game platforms this fall.

Inside Out Play Set - Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition (Credit: YouTube/Disney Infinity)