What happens when the many licensed characters of Disney decide to go kart-racing ala “Mario Kart?” Fans get “Speedway Toy Box,” which pits the various Disney characters against each other in a kart-racing tournament to see who’s the fastest of them all. “Speedway Toy Box” will be one of the new mini-games present for “Disney 3.0” and its “Toy Box” mode, as revealed by Game Informer on Tuesday.

As per Game Informer, “Speedway Toy Box” is being developed by Sumo Digital, which created the successful “Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing” games for Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. The game looks to combine the kart-racing mechanics seen in games like “Mario Kart” and mix them with the limitless customization options that have been a main feature in the “Disney Infinity” series. Such customization options include using different characters and putting them in another well-known character’s vehicle. For example: Thor from Marvel can ride Elsa’s vehicle while cruising through the “Star Wars”-themed racetracks.

Previous mini-games in the “Disney Infinity Toy Box” included a tower defense mini-game and a dungeon-crawling game in the same vein as the “Diablo” franchise. Both mini-games are expected to return for “Disney Infinity 3.0,” along with the customization options that made the game incredibly popular in the first place.

Fans who think “Speedway Toy Box” sounds too big to fit in one disc are correct, as Christian Today has confirmed that the expansion will be sold separately from the standard “Disney Infinity 3.0” set. Fans can expect to get “Speedway Toy Box” sometime after the first “Disney 3.0” set comes out later this year.

“Disney Infinity 3.0” is set to be the biggest iteration of the series to date, with a ton of new “Disney Infinity” figurines joining the game. Characters from the “Star Wars” franchise are set to debut in “Disney Infinity 3.0,” along with previous characters who weren’t in the first two games -- like Mulan, Ultron and the classic version of Mickey Mouse. The game is expected to hit consoles in the fall this year.

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Toy Box Speedway Gameplay (P1)!- Disney Infinity 3.0 (Game Informer)- Star Wars (Credit: YouTube/All Things Disney)