Google had just sent invites to media when it decided to confirm that the upcoming flagship smartphones, the Pixel 4, will come in a bold new orange/coral color option.

Tech giant Google recently sent invitations to media outlets, inviting them to “Come see a few new things made by Google” at an event scheduled on Oct. 15. This event is expected to be where Google will announce new hardware, including new flagship Pixel smartphones, a new PixelBook 2 and new Google Home speakers.

Two days after sending invitations to media, Google decided to overtake the rumor mill and revealed that the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone will be available in a bold new orange/coral color option. The tech giant did this by way of an ad posted at the heart of New York City, 9To5Google reported.

The promotional ad, first spotted by a Redditor named LousyTX, showed the smartphone in the aforementioned color. A caption placed beside it goes “Hey Google, set a reminder for October 15,” a reference to when the device is set to be unveiled to the world.

The ad was placed high on a building in Times Square. It can be seen from a distance and from various directions. Obviously, Google is aggressively campaigning for its new smartphone, which is expected to feature new technologies such as Project Soli, which will allow users to do things with the phone without even having to touch it.

Another photo of the ad, shared by another Redditor named NVRLand, shows the ad from a different angle. The photo revealed that the ad was placed on the Marriott Marquis, an upscale hotel in Times Square. The ad took up a lot of space in front of the building, and is placed above other ads for Swatch, Levi’s, Sephora and Invicta.

Google Pixel 4 ad in Times Square, New York according to a Redditor named NVRLand. Reddit/NVRLand

The ad doesn’t reveal anything about the Pixel 4, except that it will come in the new color option and will have its rear cameras placed inside a square camera module located at the top left side. Also, the ad didn’t say if the Pixel 4 XL will come in the new color option as well.