• Planet Computers is crowdfunding a new 5G device called the Astro Slide
  • The Astro Slide features a physical keyboard that slides out from behind the display
  • The device is currently being developed and is set for release in March 2021

Planet Computers is crowdfunding a new device that combines the proven convenience of having a physical keyboard, a wide touch display, and 5G connectivity, all in one.

Those who are tired of the usual smartphone and are looking for what could be the next best thing when it comes to mobile computing have an option in a new crowdfunded device coming from Planet Computers called the Astro Slide, Engadget reported. This new device features a wide touch screen like a regular smartphone, but adds in some interesting tech like a special keyboard, unique hinges, and more.

For those who don't know, Planet Computers has successfully crowdfunded two devices that were designed to “kickstart a new mobile computing revolution” over the past two years. The new Astro Slide is a combination of all the things the company has learned from those devices, and coupled it with its “passion for typing, writing, creating on the go.” Here's what the device features:

Astro Slide
Planet Computers' new Astro Slide Planet Computers / Indiegogo

The Astro Slide is a full-fledged 5G smartphone with a 6.53-inch display. It features a physical keyboard that can be accessed by sliding it out. The keyboard is connected to the upper half of the device via patented “RockUp” hinges that allow the screen to be propped up in a comfortable viewing angle, much like how a laptop screen is propped.

The company claims that the Astro Slide is “the fastest 5G device to be announced to date.” It is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 1000, which has eight CPU cores, nine GPU cores and 6 APU cores. This is backed by a minimum 6GB of RAM and 128GB of flash storage. The device supports both 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and is capable of up to 4.7Gb/s download and 2.5Gb/s upload speeds.

Planet Computers said that its signature backlit keyboard will allow users to work on the device night or day. Its backlight will automatically turn on when it's dark at night, and will turn off to conserve battery during the day. Speaking of battery, the company said the device has a 4,000 mAh battery enough to last all day.

The device runs on Android 10 but can dual-boot LinuxOS. It also features a hi-resolution 48MP rear camera, a fingerprint sensor and smart toggle button for security and control, NFC for payments, two Nano SIM slots and one eSIM slot, a MicroSD slot for additional storage, two USB-C ports and an audio jack for those who want to use wired headphones.

Planet Computers' Astro Slide is now up for backing via Indiegogo and will be shipped in March 2021.