• Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip clamshell
  • The new foldable device looks and feels like a regular smartphone once fully opened
  • It's sturdy hinge feels more robust compared to the Galaxy Fold's and Motorola Razr's

Samsung has unveiled its second foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip. Despite the handset's foldable nature, it looks and feels just like a regular smartphone when fully opened and held in hand – and that's a good thing, according to reports.

Finally, Korean tech giant Samsung has already unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip, its second foldable smartphone in the market. The new handset obviously looks like it's designed to go mano a mano with the new Motorola Razr, but unlike the reboot of the 2004 icon, it's more refined and has a solid hinge, The Verge reported.

Android Police noted that while the device is a foldable, it looks and feels just like a “totally normal” smartphone in the hand of a user. The foldable glass display looks and feels solid (save for minor creases that are noticeable when touched), the hinge feels sturdy and robust, and the entire device feels “incredibly rigid” when fully open.

The Verge noted that the hinge is deliberately designed to be strong so that the device can be propped up in any position. While the hinge might require some users to open it using two hands, it opens smoothly, doesn't make creaking sounds, and feels better compared to the hinge on the Galaxy Fold and the new Razr. Users will either appreciate the hinge's resistance or not.

The hinge also has built-in fibers that prevent dust and dirt from getting in. The Korean tech giant adds that the Ultra Thin Glass, which is the first foldable glass display in a device designed for the masses, can withstand up to 200,000 folds. Apparently, Samsung learned from the Galaxy Fold's problems.

Those who think the hinge is amazing should try fully opening the device. Android Police noted that those who use the Galaxy Z Flip are likely to forget that the device is a foldable smartphone – the 6.7-inch OLED display looks and feels good, the bezels aren't thick, and the specs are par for the course with currently existing flagships.

Samsung's new Galaxy Z Flip will be available starting Feb. 14 and will be sold for $1,380 in the U.S. and Korea. Interested buyers can choose from Mirror Black or Mirror Pink variants.

Galaxy Z Flip
The Galaxy Z Flip, according to renders by Giuseppe Spinelli. Protect your Galaxy Z Flip phone with these amazing cases. Giuseppe Spinelli/Let's Go Digital