Planking is dangerous the video clip's script reads, as a woman prepares to plank atop a kitchen counter and oven, when her world comes crashing down.

An unidentified woman is shown trying to perch herself atop her oven and kitchen counter in an attempt to plank for a photo, only to have the oven collapse on top of her, the Daily Mail reported.

The rule in planking is to lay as straight as possible, with arms by your side. The women inadverntently grabs the oven door handle, however, which promptly swings open and the entire unit topples on top of her.

On her way down, the woman smashes her chin. It seems, however, that she escaped only with a bruised chin (and probably ego). Anyway, she manages to finally achieve her plank by positioning herself the other way.

Planking, the art of lying straight down to mimic a wooden plank to surprise and amuse people, also known as the 'lying down' game, is becoming popular worldwide. The activity includes lying stiff, face down in an unusual or incongruous position with hands touching the sides of the body. The photograph of the person, or the 'planker' is then taken and posted on the Web, especially Facebook. You got a body, you got a Plank, - the saying goes.