Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 will likely be big on two key qualities: an oversized SSD and cross-generational compatibility with the PS4, which is great.

Current speculation is the PS5 will launch after April 2020. No specific month yet, though, but this latest hint at least gives us a clearer answer to "When?" But the even bigger news is the console might be revealed within this month.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale might be getting its own PS5 sequel titled "PlayStation All-stars Arena." This will be an eye-opening 3D brawler developed in partnership with Capcom.

Said to combine features of Dissidia and Power Stone, the sequel will come with a target lock button, cel-shaded visuals and cartoonish environments.

That's where the latest PS5 rumors stand as of now. The old rumors remain pretty much as they were before.

Among these known rumors are the PS5 will support 8K resolution and ray-tracing technology. The console is also expected to include an optical disc drive, confirming games for the PS5 will still ship on physical media.

PS5 will also have much faster loading times. Some say the PS5 loading times will be so fast as to be non-existent. 

How fast, you ask? On the PS5, they say you can fast travel "Spider-man" from one location to another in less than a second. It takes the PS4 all of 15 seconds to do this.

Of course, all these wonderful tidings will come about only with wonderful hardware. And for this the PS5 will rely on a huge SSD.

Having a high performance SSD on PS5 is a bigger deal for general performance and immersion. PS5 will certainly ship with SSD storage for fast loading times.

For dense open-world RPGs, an SSD means less pop-in. This allows developers to load more assets into an area quicker and easier. The end result are denser and more well-realized locations. Better yet, games where you die a lot can now get return you to the action even faster than before.

SSD also allows for larger bandwidth to make games more immersive, and to support the required content streaming from disc for 8K graphics resolutions.

Cross-generational compatibility or backwards compatibility is always great and we're glad it'll be built into the PS5, said PS5 lead system architect, Mark Cerny. Cross-generational compatibility enables players to switch playing a game between the PS4 and PS5 with progress intact.

There’s also no guarantee the new console will be named PlayStation 5 or PS5. Cerny has also kept refusing to explicitly call the console the PlayStation 5 or PS5. He simply refers to to new unit as Sony's "next-gen console.”

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