Sony’s Lead System Architect Mark Cerny previously shared that one of the significant features of the PlayStation 5 is its custom-designed Solid State Drive (SSD). To prove his point, Cerny showed a demo of “Spider-Man” running on the next generation gaming console to highlight the loading times of the game on the new gaming system, which is less than a second compared to 15 seconds loading time on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Several game developers have also shared how the PS5’s SSD will improve the games and game development, as well.

However, a new report claims that the Solid State Drive of the PlayStation 5 may not necessarily translate into much faster loading times. The report was based on the recent statements of the people in Remedy, particularly of its Technical Director, Mika Vehkala. The SSD of the PS5 may not be that straightforward in terms of loading times, especially when the video game start utilizing more data, explains the technical director.

PlayStation 4 might support PS One Classics when the 5.0 firmware update arrives later this year. REUTERS/ Mike Blake

Game developers could indeed utilize the boosted power of the PlayStation 5 to double the frame rate. However, if they introduce more details, the frame will most likely remain the same as that of current-generation gaming console, Vehkala further states. Remedy Head of Communications Thomas Puha also notes that the power of any system technically has nothing to do with the frame rate.

A game developer can make 60 frames per second video games even on PlayStation 1, Puha explains. The system’s power is always about compromise. Puha acknowledges that the PlayStation 5 is powerful hardware, but he also notes that expectations that graphics will be even more details, mode destruction, and a lot more will always be compromised on what the game developer would like to focus on.

These technical details are something that most gamers forget considering their excitement of what the next generation gaming console could do. The upcoming PlayStation 5 could render titles at a much faster frame rate, faster loading times, and many more if these games are optimized for that. However, it could also mean not improving much in detail. PlayStation 5 is scheduled to arrive sometime in the holiday of 2020.