Sony’s PlayStation Classic has dropped its price further again. This time, it’s now the quarter of its original price on retailer stores. Previously, the device has been known for its high price while offering games from three PlayStation generations behind.

As seen on Amazon and BestBuy, the PlayStation Classic is just worth $25.99 now. Originally, the device costs around $99.99 and even had its price reduced to $59.99 on a previous sale. With only a quarter of its original price, the PlayStation Classic could be a steal for those who want to own this console full of Sony first PlayStation classics.

Since its first release, Sony followed in Nintendo’s steps as they released the PlayStation Classic. The console supports emulated games of the first PlayStation and mostly holds some of console’s best known games. “Metal Gear Solid,” the original “Final Fantasy 7,” “Tekken 3,” “Coolboarders 3,” “Twisted Metal,” and the first “Grand Theft Auto” are among its playable titles.

So far, the console is geared for players who would like to play the original games again. The original PlayStation units and the discs are hard to find nowadays even though the next generation PlayStation units have also supported some of the games from their previous ones.

Due to its value, the PlayStation Classic has a hefty original price which costs a third of the latest PlayStation 4’s price at $349. Even though with its original $99.99 price tag, the games on the PlayStation Classic doesn’t have perfect emulation which means players may not have a smooth experience playing these old titles. At $25.99, the quality may not matter anymore for some players who really want to revisit the old games available on the console.

The next PlayStation that Sony is cooking up is the PS5. While Sony’s Mark Cerny has talked about its specs, the actual name is still subject to change as the company has yet to officially reveal the new console. More than hardware upgrades, the new PlayStation is said to use ray tracing technology for reading its disks for faster loading speeds.

PlayStation Classic
Hackers found a way to add more games to the PlayStation Classic. MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images