PlayStation owners now have a dedicated messaging client to call their own. Sony has launched its PlayStation Messages app solely for members of its PlayStation Network (PSN).

This enables iOS and Android device owners to send and receive PSN messages just about anywhere with a cellular or wireless signal and its also optimized for the iPhone 6S Plus’ larger screen. In addition to sending text, the app allows users to send voice messages, images and stickers. But that’s just about all you can do with the app. If you’re looking to buy games from the PlayStation store or remotely connect to your PlayStation 4, you’ll still need to use the dedicated PlayStation app.

But like Facebook, Sony lets you jump between each app when needed. Another advantage of the app is players can quickly send messages to friends without the need for hopping out of a game that they’re currently in.

PlayStation Messages Players can send each other voice notes and stickers using the PlayStation Messages app. Photo: Sony

While Sony’s dedicated PlayStation app also received an update in conjunction with the release of PlayStation Messages, it hasn’t been optimized for the iPhone 6S Plus screen.

It’s the latest perk for owners of the PlayStation 4, which over the course of two years has becomes the world’s fastest selling console. Next year console owners will also be able to look forward to another addition to Sony’s lineup -- its PlayStation VR headset as well as a number of game titles expected to launch in 2016.