PlayStation E3
The PlayStation E3 Experience 2015 offers fans a way to enjoy the gaming event via theaters all over the U.S. Sony/PlayStation Blog

Sony has greeted the month of July with the announcement of a PlayStation Plus lineup of free games. There are a total of six games for the PlayStation platforms, but PlayStation4 owners will get to enjoy four of the titles, two of which are compatible with all three platforms, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

“Rocket League,” a multiplayer and arcade-style title that puts players in situations for teamwork, spearheads the PS4 title. There’s also “Styx: Master of Shadows,” an RPG title with elements of dark fantasy.

The two cross-buy titles are “Entwined” and “MouseCraft.” The former title comes from Pixelopus and is a title that was revealed at last year’s E3 2014. It tells the story of two souls in love that are not meant to be together.

The game will take the player through nine lifetimes of the souls, as portrayed by a bird and a fish, and the player is tasked with making the two characters come together and unite them for eternity. The breathtaking art and visuals here show transformation of the souls once they come together.

“MouseCraft,” another free game on the PS4, takes a simple puzzle concept of dropping blocks to steer the mice towards the cheese, into something more challenging. It’s an “easy to learn but different to master” type of game that is based more decision-making than manual skills.

The PS3 is getting the interesting and mysterious title “Rain,” which sees a boy chasing after an invisible girl whom he can only see through the silhouette of the pouring rain. PS Vita players will get to play “Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved,” which was just recently brought to the PlayStation handheld device.

All of the PS Plus free games will be available on July 7, as announced via the PlayStation Blog. This goes for both North America and Europe.

Alongside the new free games for the PS Plus July 2015 lineup, Sony has also released a new system update for the PS4. Dubbed the 2.55 update, this is mandatory for all PS4 devices.

GameSpot reports that the update is predominantly for software stability. The thinness of the update is understandable, considering that it follows the more major PS4 2.5 system update. The previous update, then called Yukimura, introduced a number of new features, including the Suspend/Resume feature for almost all PS4 titles, backup and restore hard drive data, search Facebook Friends via linked accounts support for 60FPS remote and share play and automatic update installation, among others.

PlayStation Plus July 2015 Free Games (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)