The Gen 2 Update for “Pokémon GO” brought with it more than 80 new Pokémon and certain modifications and changes on the various features of the game as announced by the Pokémon GO team on their blog. However, it appears the team has forgotten to mention about one important change that has to do with Nests and the different Pokémon that spawn from them.

On Reddit, a user with the handle PotatoPie25 shared his and his family’s unusual experience with Nests over the weekend. According to the Redditor, they noticed that the Nests they stumbled upon changed depending on the time of the day. For example, one Nest they found spawned Abra in the afternoon and spawned Chikorita in the evening. When he checked his local Pokémon GO Facebook page, many others are saying the same thing. Because of this PotatoPie25 concluded that Pokémon Nests change in day/night cycles.

Some Redditors who joined the thread confirmed that the cycles also exist in their respective areas. User mtmerrick wrote: “I’ve definitely seen this. Spawns change radically for me. My college is Snubbull during the day and Venonat at night.” Meanwhile, others said this does not happen in their area. User RaccoonNinja28 stated: “I have never seen this. A Nest I go to quite often is always a Voltorb Nest, day or night.”

The observation that some Pokémon Nests have day/night cycles comes days after Heavy reported about the alterations in the spawns of certain pocket monsters. The news site stated that some Pokémon Nests have changed to accommodate the new Pokémon that came with the Gen 2 Update. Some Nests that spawned Gen 1 Pokémon have reportedly been changed to spawn Gen 2 Pokémon. Other Nests were also removed for unknown reasons.

The Silph Road also recently updated its map of “Pokémon GO” spawning locations based on the input of several Trainers. The new Map shows the following changes:

  • Abra to Chikorita
  • Caterpie to Sentret
  • Eevee to Slugma
  • Electabuzz to Psyduck
  • Jynx to Wobbufett
  • Magikarp to Chikorita
  • Mankey to Seel
  • Paras to Machop
  • Rhyhorn to Ledyba
  • Seel to Pinsir
  • Tentacool to Rhyhorn
  • All Starter Nests have remained the same save for Squirtle’s Nest, which now accommodates Caterpie
  • Aipom and Misdreavus have their own Nests