The Gen 2 Pokémon Update has finally arrived. Now, Trainers who have waited so long for the second-generation Eeveelutions can own them and use them in battles. However, just like first-generation Eevelutions Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon, getting Umbreon and Espeon can be tricky. For those who will rely on luck, they could evolve a lot of Eevee and still fail to own the evolutions from the Johto Region. Good thing, there’s a cheat players can use to ensure that they’ll be getting the end-result they wanted all along.

How to get an Umbreon

Fans of the Pokémon anime series may have fallen for Umbreon the first time they saw this Dark-type Gen 2 Pokémon. Like who wouldn’t? This quadruped pocket monster that could pass as a hybrid of a cat and a fox has a mysterious aura that most if not all have an affinity for. This Eeveelution has a peculiar yet undeniably captivating appearance. Its sleek black fur and the yellow rings that are found on its ears, tail, upper legs and even on its forehead give it an eye-catching look.

Just like how one would obtain first-generation Eeveelutions, second-generations also need 25 Eevee Candy to evolve. Now the trick to securing an Umbreon is to rename the Eevee you will be evolving to “Tamao.” Plus, you need to evolve the creature at nighttime if you are really desperate to own the Dark-type Pokémon. Reddit user Ceisus shared this cheat on the discussion website, and many players commented that it worked for them. So, it’s very likely that this trick will work for you as well.

In the anime series, Tamao was one of the five Kimono sisters who owned different evolutions of Eevee. So this is perhaps the inspiration behind Niantic’s little trick to obtain Umbreon. As for the nighttime requirement, it’s a known fact that Umbreon is influenced by the moon. It also likes to go out at night and hunt for its prey in the darkness, as noted by The Pokémon Wiki.

Players who have tried this cheat shared on Reddit that it only works once. Also, some of them have complained about the very low CP of the Pokémon, which is actually not surprising because Umbreon is known to lack in offense in other Pokémon games. What’s good about Umbreon though is its endurance.

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