Niantic Labs may have released an answer to the grievances of “Pokémon GO” Trainers who noticed issues with the Gen 2 Update, but it just made everything worse. Now, iOS players are venting their frustration over the problems with the recently rolled out performance update.

Just last Friday, Niantic released its previously announced performance update for both Android and iOS versions of “Pokémon GO.” In a tweet announcing the rollout, the company stated that version 0.57.3 for Android and version 1.27.3 for iOS are expected to implement performance improvements.

In an earlier report we made about the problems with the Gen 2 Update, we stated that players were complaining about random crashes. There were also Trainers who were annoyed with the game freezing at the loading screen. Then, there were also those saying the curveball mechanics of the game have become visibly awkward.

With the performance update, however, things just went from bad to worse. Trainers are expressing their disappointment with the update via Reddit. The main issues they are experiencing as of late pertain to random crashes and connection issues with Pokémon GO Plus.

In a subreddit user HonkTrousers started, he pointed out that “Pokémon GO” version 1.27.3 actually has crashing problems just like the previous versions. He shared that the game crashes when he’s selecting Pokémon for battle, when tapping on a Poké Gym, when scrolling through items and Pokémon and even when the game is in background mode.

In another subbreddit user pgkrzywy opened, the issue with how the new update causes Pokémon GO Plus gets disconnected is also being tackled. The Redditor even complained that he is already annoyed with Niantic for releasing something that just causes the peripheral device to disconnect from his iPhone every so often.

Meanwhile, in a subreddit that mentions the release of the iOS performance update, the Redditor that started it is claiming that the app has evidently improved in terms of performance. The same Reddit user said the iOS app now loads faster. However, the thread was met with a lot of negative responses from other Trainers who are angry that the latest update brought in more problems to the game.

Are you experiencing problems with your “Pokémon GO” app after installing the latest performance update? Tell us in the comments below.