Pokémon Go players recently discovered a strange change to the game now that the Holiday Event has finished. Notable Gen 3 regional exclusives Seviper and Zangoose are now available on opposite sides of the world compared to their original habitats. Here’s how the new territorial lines have been updated:

  • North America: Seviper
  • South America: Seviper
  • Canada: Seviper
  • Africa: Seviper
  • Greenland: Seviper and Zangoose
  • Iceland: Zangoose
  • Europe: Zangoose
  • Asia: Zangoose
  • Australia: Zangoose

Region swaps in Pokémon Go aren’t unprecedented, but this is a particularly interesting one because it has relevance to both Pokémon as featured in the classic anime. Considering Seviper’s snake-like features and Zangoose’s resemblance to a mongoose, it’s no secret why these two monsters have always battled for territory. With the holiday celebrations now over, that classic Gen 3 feud has resumed and expanded into the real world. The storyline debuted in 2004 and has been referenced in fairly minor ways ever since. Similar to the appearance of Ash Hat Pikachu and Eveelution Easter egg, it’s always neat to see how Pokémon Go’s developers at Niantic brings aspects of the beloved Pokémon TV show into the game.

With the Holiday Event now over and Gen 3 spawns starting to normalize, there will likely be a brief period of stability in the Pokémon Go universe. Players are expecting the legendary Kygore to appear at any moment, but catching one means being vigilant enough to secure a special Raid Pass. Despite many changes to the system, players still aren’t happy with how randomized those Pass drops can sometimes feel.

As we look forward to future region swaps in Gen 3, giving a similar treatment to Minun and Plusle seems like a pretty good idea. The two have historically acted as a pair on the show, so maybe they’ll migrate together too. Regardless of how the rollout happens, at least Niantic isn’t forcing trainers to become world travelers to catch their favorite monsters.

Pokémon Go is available now on Android and iOS. The appearance of Zangoose or Seviper will depend on the region in which you reside.

What do you think of the Zangoose-Seviper region swap? Which exclusive nest migration would you like to see next? Tell us in the comments section!