Pokémon Sun and Moon introduces a ton of new abilities for Pokémon to learn, which will let trainers have to strategize for and around them.

There are 41 new abilities in Sun and Moon but we picked out the five best that trainers need to take note of. Some are common abilities and some may be a part of a Legendary Pokémon.

There’s a lot of amazing new abilities in Pokémon Sun and Moon but we had to narrow it down to five.

If you don’t agree with our list, let us know your favorite new abilities in the comments section below.

5. Schooling - Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi is the only Pokémon that can learn the Schooling ability. This changes the puny fish’s form into a monstrous whale-like beast.

A Wishiwashi with the Schooling ability will be in its School Form when it is out in battle but will become a normal Wishiwashi when it’s health becomes very low. The big part of Schooling’s effect is that it gives Wishwashi a huge stat boost.

All of its stats increase exponentially while in School Form. There’s a reason why Gyarados fear Wishiwashi.

4. Queen Majesty/Dazzling - Bruxish/Tsareena

These two new abilities are similar in their effects. Both Queen Majesty and Dazzling prevent your Pokémon from being hit by Priority moves. This is amazing for Double Battles where moves like Fake Out and Sucker Punch run rampant.

With either of these Pokémon by your side, your team can set up and not worry about flinching or getting outsped.

3. Elemental Surge Abilities - Tapus

The Tapus of Sun and Moon come with unique abilities that like the weather effect abilities, put a terrain on the field once it hits the battlefield.

From Electric, Misty, Grassy or Psychic, all four terrain abilities can help in Double Battles and support the Pokémon teamed-up with any of the Tapus. The terrain effects also help power up the Tapus as well and when the next VGC Tournaments come along, the terrain effects will see a lot of play.

2. Water Bubble - Araquanid

Water Bubble is a unique ability that does a lot for any Pokémon that uses it. Not only does it reduce Fire-type attacks and prevent burn, but it powers up Water-type attacks used by the Pokémon.

Araquanid benefits from this greatly as its Water attacks get buffed and protects it from the status affliction. What Araquanid can also do in Double Battles is use its Entrainment attack to make its partner have the same ability as it.

Imagine a Gyarados or the aforementioned Wishiwashi getting a power up from Water Bubble?

1. Beast Boost - Ultra Beasts

Possibly the most overpowered ability in Sun and Moon , Beast Boost used by the Ultra Beasts will increase a stat when it knocks a Pokémon out. The stat raised is based on that Ultra Beast’s stats. If it’s highest stat is Special Attack that is what is raised.

This will lead to many late-game sweeps so be ready when you eventually have to face them.