As of late, we only have 10 Alola forms registered in “Pokémon Sun and Moon’s” Pokédex. With the release of the Nintendo 3DS-exclusive games drawing near, many are expecting to see more Alola forms pop up in the new teaser trailers. But someone may already have an idea on which Pokémon will be getting Alola forms next.

Reddit user thunderblood opened a subreddit on Monday, claiming that there could be a pattern on which Pokémon are getting Alola forms for the Alola region, and the Redditor thinks this pattern is related to Pokémon BREAK Evolution cards.

Pokémon BREAK is a special variant in the Pokémon Trading Card Game that features an extraordinary kind of Evolution cards showing special evolutions of select Pokémon. Bulbapedia lists all of the Pokémon in Pokémon BREAK, but thunderblood only pointed out six Pokémon from the first-generation Pokémon that are likely to get Alola forms.

The way thunderblood sees it, Game Freak is making Alola forms for Pokémon that do not change appearance even with a power boost in Pokémon BREAK. Since Raticate, Raichu, Ninetales and Marowak have already been confirmed to have Alola forms in the upcoming RPGs, the Redditor claims that Arcanine, Golduck, Machamp, Nidoking, Omastar and Starmie are prime candidates to have alter egos for the new games.

However, some Reddit users were quick to point out that Arcanine, Starmie and Machamp are unlikely to get Alola forms since they have appeared in previous “Pokémon Sun and Moon” trailers sporting their original looks. Unfortunately, this does not confirm anything yet as the Japanese Pokédex actually lists both Alola forms and original forms of the previously confirmed Alolan Pokémon. This just means that players will likely see both forms in Game Freak’s new titles.

Do you think thunderblood’s theory has a solid foundation? Which Pokémon do you think should get Alola forms next? Sound off in the comments below.