“Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” are going to be extra-fun when players use the Z-Ring, a device that TOMY International is releasing simultaneously with the release of Game Freak’s new RPGs. But what is really a Z-Ring and why do players need it?

On Sunday, The Pokémon Company updated its Japanese site with a post that showcases the Z-Ring and its companion accessories, the Z-Crystals. The company has already introduced the Z-Ring to the U.S. and international fans early this month, but this is the first time that specific product descriptions for the Japanese players are revealed.

In the post, The Pokémon Company reiterated that the main function of the Z-Ring is to amplify the 4D experience the upcoming “Pokémon Sun and Moon” offers its players. The licensing and marketing company of the Pokémon franchise indicated that the Z-Ring gives players a taste of how the special attacks of their Pokémon would feel like in the real world by releasing sounds, vibrating and lighting up in sync with the attacks of the Pokémon within the game. The company also teased that the Z-Ring comes with hidden features.

What’s interesting about the post is it also introduces the Pokémon Z-Ring and Z-Crystal Special Set that includes six Z-Crystals out of the box. There’s no word yet if TOMY is releasing this special set to international fans as well, because as of late the only Pokémon Z-Ring set available for preorder on Amazon is the one that comes with three Z-Crystals.

Z-Ring Special Set Pokémon Z-Ring and Z-Crystal Special Set Photo: The Pokemon Company Japan

NintendoLife reported early this month that the $29.99 Z-Ring set that is available on Amazon comes with three Z-Crystals and a Pickachu figure, and players need to collect the other 15 Z-Crystals to complete the 18 variations. However, the only Z-Crystal pack available on Amazon has nine crystals. Hence, with the special set, Japanese players have the advantage of collecting all crystals faster since they start out with six. 

Meanwhile, for players who want to buy the Z-Ring alone, The Pokémon Company indicated on the Japanese site that the bracelet comes with the Z-Crystal for the Electric-type Pokémon.

Z-Ring Pokémon Z-Ring with the Electric-type Z-Crystal Photo: The Pokémon Company Japan

According to the “Pokémon Sun and Moon” U.S. website, the Z-Ring and the Z-Crystals will come in handy when the Trainer wants to release the explosive power of his or her Pokémon that is called the Z-Move. However, in order for the powerful attack to be unleashed, the player must have the Z-Crystal for the specific type of Pokémon he or she is using.

So far the only Z-Move attacks that have been revealed are the Bloom Doom, Inferno Overdrive, Hydro Vortex and Gigavolt Havoc, which is already confirmed to be the Z-Move of Pikachu, as per Serebii.net.

Since “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” are slated for release on Nov. 18, there is still more time for other attacks to be revealed. For now, get to know the new Pokémon and the Alola forms that have already been confirmed to appear in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS-exclusive games here.