New Pokémon Marshadow has been added to “Pokémon Sun and Moon’s” Pokédex.

The Pokémon Company just announced on the official “Pokémon Sun and Moon” website the addition of a new Mythical Pokémon named Marshadow into the Nintendo 3DS-exclusive games’ Pokédex. While this may be a weird move to players who have already seen the creature a couple of months ago, it’s clear that the company just wants to formally introduce the new pocket monster to fans of the franchise.

Just recently, The Pokémon Company updated the official site for its new 3DS games. When players visit the site now, they will be greeted with a promotional tab that features Marshadow. Clicking this will lead to a separate page dedicated only to the new Pokémon.

Unfortunately, there is little information about the dark creature as of late. The Pokémon Company just describes it to be a new Mythical Pokémon who is still shrouded in mystery. Apparently, players cannot encounter Marshadow through normal gameplay. The marketing and licensing company for all things Pokémon said that it will be releasing more information on how Trainers can obtain this pocket monster soon.

The promotional clip that The Pokémon Company uploaded onto its official YouTube channel does not reveal anything about Marshadow as well. Interestingly, the bizarre introduction of the new Pokémon is stirring speculations that the company could be preparing for the surprise launch of a third game, which has since been rumored to be called “Pokémon Stars.”

When “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” were released for the Nintendo 3DS last November, sources from Japan claimed that a third game was being developed for the Nintendo Switch. Eurogamer stated at the time that just like “Pokémon Yellow” and “Pokémon Platinum,” this third game will feature an expanded and higher-resolution version of the two mainline games. Sources from Japan also said back then that “Pokémon Stars” is due for release sometime this 2017. Since the Nintendo Switch already out, it’s possible that Game Freak could drop the big news anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Marshadow is not really new to fans who have been following what dataminers did since the launch of “Pokémon Sun and Moon.” In fact, in early November, someone already leaked Marshadow’s Z-Move. In the below clip, the Mythical Pokémon surrounds itself with Z-Power and unleashes its Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Z-Move, which instantly defeats Water/Flying-type Pokémon Wingull.

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