Last week The Pokémon Company released a new teaser trailer for “Pokémon Sun and Moon” that introduced new Pokémon Null and Jangmo-o, Alolan Raticate and the Aether Foundation. The trailer also dropped a bombshell when it featured an Ultra Beast, named UB-01.

Days have passed since UB-01 was outed, and many fans are still seeking for answers on why Game Freak decided to add a different type of creature that is not recognized as a Pokémon and is even feared by both humans and Pokémon.

On the official “Pokémon Sun and Moon” website, the Pokémon Company made it clear that many Ultra Beast exist and that Aether Foundation is conducting a research on these monsters. In describing UB-01, the makers of the game noted that despite having a glass-like body, its form constantly changes. However, this is not the most interesting part about UB-01.

For unknown reasons, UB-01 is described as having movements that resemble those of a young girl, despite being emotionless. The description pertaining to a young girl somehow gave fans the idea that UB-01 is actually Professor Kukui’s assistant Lillie. The theory is not at all far-fetched as UB-01’s color and jellyfish-like appearance resemble those of Lillie and the assistant was revealed to have an important role in the games from the get-go.

Now a newly leaked image that is claimed to be showing two new Ultra Beast creatures is making rounds online and is giving fans more reason to believe that Ultra Beast may be humans in disguise, according to Polygon.

Pokemon leak
UB-02 Beauty, UB-01 and UB-02 Expansion imgur/u/SamCeladon

The leaked image shows new Ultra Beast UB-02 Beauty and UB-02 Expansion. The nomenclature for the creatures is quite odd, since instead of using the proper sequential order, the two monsters are named after the same code. What’s even more striking about the leak is it gives the impression that UB-02 Beauty is none other than Aether Foundation’s president, Lusamine, and UB-02 Expansion is Team Skull’s Gladion.

Just like UB-01, the two new Ultra Beast resemble human characters in terms of composure, color scheme and aura, such that one Redditor created a thread to voice out his theory that the human characters may have been subjected to an experiment that made them superior creatures. The Redditor also mentioned that UB-01 could have been the failed version of the experiment, so two other versions were made. However, the Redditor presented all of his theories in question form to point out that such speculaions are questionable until official explanations are released.

Should Lillie, Lusamine and Gladion really turn out to be three Ultra Beast, however, the view that the Aether Foundation provides a refuge to weak Pokémon could change. This may also change player’s perception on Lusamine as Ultra Beast creatures are considered to be a threat to Pokémon.

Do you have another theory on what "Pokémon Sun And Moon's" Ultra Beast monsters are? Sound off in the comments below.