A new “Pokémon Sun and Moon” teaser trailer was released on Tuesday. It introduced two new Pokémon that are inspired by primates. Since the Nintendo 3DS-exclusive RPGs are not arriving until the third week of November, can fans still expect a Harambe Pokémon to show up and become part of the Pokémon universe?

One of the newly introduced Pokémon is Passimian, and it is obviously inspired by monkeys. According to the U.S. Pokédex, Passimian is a “Pokémon Sun”-exclusive creature that prefers to live in troops of 20 to 30 members. In troops, Passimian always choose a leader who could help solidify their teamwork in looking for food.

Because it is used to having a leader, Passimian prefers to have a Trainer who have leader qualities. If Passimian noticed that the Trainer trying to catch it does not have a good form, it would be reluctant to join the latter. Passimian’s Ability is called Receiver because it can receive or inherit the Ability of its fainted ally Pokémon in a battle.

The other new Pokémon that was introduced in the new teaser trailer is Oranguru. Based on its form, it is obvious that it is an ape-inspired Pokémon. Unlike Passimian, this "Pokémon Moon"-exclusive creature prefers to live alone and it likes to spend its time meditating high up in the trees. Interestingly, humans call Oranguru “the people of the forests” because they mistook the Pokémon for human beings who live in forests. What’s even more peculiar about this monster is the fact that some people have claimed that they have seen Oranguru use Poké Balls.

Though its large body may appear to be intimidating, Oranguru is quite kind to other Pokémon especially the injured ones. It always extends help in the form of medicines or food to other creatures. During battles, Oranguru can unleash its special move called Instruct to another Pokémon to repeat a move it has just performed.

While the addition of these simian-inspired Pokémon adds to the hype over “Pokémon Sun and Moon,” many Harambe fans are still hopeful that the slain gorilla would be added to the Pokémon universe in the upcoming games. Back in August, we reported about a online petition requesting Nintendo and The Pokémon Company to create a Harambe Pokémon and its pre-evolved form, Hambo. The Change.org petition that was created by Eric CreamyMemes is still up, and it still needs 34,007 signatures to reach its goal of 150,000 supporters.

Both Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have yet to respond or confirm that they are bringing Harambe to the upcoming “Pokémon Sun and Moon.” It also remains to be known whether the two companies will consider the petition once it succeeds in meeting its target number of signatures.

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