• Nintendo announced that 200 more Pokemon are coming to "Pokemon Sword and Shield"
  • Included in these are new Gigantamax forms
  • One such G-Max form is that of Inteleon, who now uses a hand as gun

The Pokemon Company has added a gun-toting Pokemon to “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield,” and fans are happy over it.

Nintendo recently revealed that 200 more Pokemon will be joining “Pokemon Sword and Shield,” Kotaku reported. The company also announced that the games will be featuring more Pokemon in Gigantamax forms, one of which appears to use a handgun in the figurative sense of the word – with its hand as a gun.

According to the reveal, this Pokemon is Inteleon, the third and final evolution of the water-type starter Pokemon called Sobble. It is coming alongside Gigantamax versions of Cinderace, the final evolution of fire-type starter Scorbunny, and Rillaboom, the final evolution of grass-type starter Grookey, in the upcoming new territories that will be released later this year.

While most Gigantamax forms turn normal looking Pokemon into ginormous creatures that may or may not closely resemble their original forms, Inteleon's Gigantamax form doesn't increase its size, but instead does something unique with it. Instead of getting a ripped body and a more ferocious face as opposed to how scared it looks as Sobble, Inteleon gains a tremendously long tail.

This tail extends to great heights and allows Inteleon to perch atop a platform (made of its tail) above clouds of smoke, and position itself as a sniper while holding a “gun” which, in reality, simply looks like its hand when a harpoon attached to its index finger.

As fans would've noticed, Inteleon has its hand formed like a how a kid imagines his hand to be a gun: with the index finger outstretched and the thumb cocked like a real revolver gun's hammer. The Pokemon community-driven site Bulbapedia said Inteleon looks this way because it “follows the motif of the British intelligence, James Bond in particular, with the hands being often posed like a gun.”


Fans have been joking about the release of a third version to go alongside “Pokemon Sword and Shield” a while. This version, which fans fondly call “Pokemon Gun,” was but a meme fans created to make fun of the new titles before they were released. But now that Inteleon gets a gun, fans are happy about it:

“we did this... we memed it into existence...” said one Twitter user.

“I picked the right starter,” another Twitter user said.

“Wow! G-Max Intelleon is my favorite out of the 3,” another tweeted.

Apparently, fans are having a lot of fun even before the gun-toting Pokemon is released to the public.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Starter Monsters
Pokémon Sword and Shield star three starter Pokémon: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. The Pokémon Company