Polish pop star Dorota Rabczewska, a.k.a. Doda Elektroda, was fined 5,000 zoltys ($1,450) by a Warsaw court for trashing the Bible.

In a 2009 interview Rabczewska said she doubted the Christian holy book because it's hard to believe in something that was written by someone drunk on wine and smoking some herbs, according to The Associated Press.

Polish magazine Viva! has listed Rabczewska as one of the ten most influential women in the country. The stunning blonde singer, sometimes called the Polish Britney Spears, was also featured on CNN in 2008 as the tenth most famous Pole in history.

The case is yet another example of Poland holding on to religious values in a country that is becoming increasingly secular. Roughly 95 percent of the country belongs to the Catholic Church.

At the time of Rabczewska Bible-bashing comments, Ryszard Nowak, the chairman of a Polish Christian organization, said he believed the pop star committed a crime.

It is clear that Doda think that the Bible was written by drunkards and junkies, Nowak said in a statement, as translated by Nerve.com. I believe she committed a crime and offended the religious feelings of both Christians and Jews.

The fine comes just months after Polish court dismissed the case of Adam Darski, a death metal performer who tore a Bible during a 2007 performance. In his situation, however, they deemed the act artistic expression.

Darski and Doda once dated, according to The Associated Press.