While traditionally Thanksgiving has been reserved for turkey dinners, Popeyes is adding a twist with its fried chicken, giving customers even more options for their holiday feast.

The Miami-based fried chicken chain has teamed up with Uber Eats to offer a Churkey special that can be delivered right to a hungry customer’s home on Thanksgiving Day.

The Churkey special includes eight pieces of fried chicken, four biscuits, and a large side – all wrapped in a turkey shell, Thrillist noted.

"We're all starting to think about Thanksgiving—and for most people, that often means a traditional turkey dinner," a spokesperson for Popeyes told Thrillist. "But each year, millions of Americans would actually prefer to have chicken instead of turkey for their Thanksgiving meal.”

With Thanksgiving a week away, orders have already begun for the Churkey combo, which costs roughly $20. The Churkey deal runs through Nov. 29, the report said.

The concept of Churkey on Thanksgiving sparked some questions across Twitter. Some publicly wondered exactly what a “Churkey” was?

One Twitter user found amusement in the name “Churkey” alone.

Others were turned off by the phrase “Churkey” altogether.

Some others found it necessary to explain what “Churkey was to their friends.

And still others, just said they wanted it, whatever it is.

However, for those that are still looking for turkey on Thanksgiving, Popeyes is obliging by offering a Cajun-style Thanksgiving turkey that is rubbed with a mix of spices and marinated with Creole butter. The Cajun turkey sells for $39.99 and is pre-cooked, requiring warming prior to eating.

According to its official website, Popeyes, which was founded in 1972, has over 2,700 locations across the world. It is the second-largest quick-service chicken restaurant group in the nation.

Popeyes restaurant
A Popeyes restaurant is seen on Feb. 21, 2017, in Miami, Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty Images