Portia De Rossi On 'Arrested Development'
Portia de Rossi's Lindsay Bluth in season four of "Arrested Development" can be seen on the left. Her nose and forehead appear different from what she looked like in season one, right. Arrested Development

“Anyone else thinks that Lindsay Bluth looked a little different on ‘Arrested Development'?’"

"Did Portia de Rossi get plastic surgery?”

“Was I the only one who spent the first two minutes of that episode Googling whether that was actually Portia de Rossi playing Lindsay Bluth?”

Since season four of “Arrested Development” premiered on Netflix on Sunday, fans of the series have been wondering what happened to make Portia de Rossi almost unrecognizable as Lindsay Bluth-Fünke. The resounding answer is speculation that the actress had plastic surgery.

With the show being off the air since 2006, Lindsay made her return with what appears to be a different nose and perfectly smooth forehead. While de Rossi has not made any statements regarding her transformation, there is no doubt that her character looks drastically different from season one to season four.

HollywoodLife.com asked plastic surgeons whether or not they thought the actress had gone under the knife, and their answers were yes. Dr. Edward P. Miranda, a plastic surgeon in San Francisco, Calif., explained that it appears that de Rossi “underwent nasal tip reconstruction.”

“Her nose used to point downward,” said Dr. Miranda. “You can clearly see it is now upturned.” The plastic surgeon added that she also may have had eyelid surgery to make her eyes appear wider, as well as Botox injections to smooth out her forehead.

Dr. Theodore Diktaban, a plastic surgeon in New York City, mirrored Dr. Miranda’s words. “The most obvious thing for sure is that she had her nose done,” Dr. Diktaban said of de Rossi’s appearance. “The position of the top has definitely changed.” The doctor agrees that something may also have been done to not only her eyelids but to her face to make it appear fuller.

But the question is whether de Rossi got plastic surgery or if Lindsay Bluth-Fünke got plastic surgery. While on the red carpet for “Arrested Development,” de Rossi appeared to look like her normal -- with downward-pointed nose -- self, which leads to the theory that her character got work done. [Click here to see the recent photo of de Rossi.]

For fans of the series, Lindsay’s plastic surgery is something that has been discussed in the past. Season four even saw a flashback in which a young Lucille wrote a check for Lindsay’s new “nose-y.”

Since season four fast-forwards a couple of years after the series concluded in 2006, Jezebel is arguing that it’s easy to picture the character getting work done in the couple of years span. “It’s just the kind of subtle joke Mitch Hurwitz and co. would let go unmentioned,” Jezebel wrote of their Lindsay surgery theory.

Do you think de Rossi had great makeup artists on the “Arrested Development” set? Or do you believe the actress may have gone under the knife? Let us know in the comments section.