“Power” Season 4
“Power” Season 4 will pick up right after Ghost’s (Omari Hardwick) arrest in the Season 3 finale. Starz

“Power” Season 4’s premiere is right around the corner, and stars Omari Hardwick and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson recently teased what fans can expect from the upcoming installment of the Starz series.

During an interview with Fox 2 News, Hardwick and Jackson were asked what will be different in “Power” Season 4 compared to the previous installments. Jackson, who also executive produces the series, revealed that Ghost (Hardwick) will be “going through some changes.”

“Changes that causes all the other characters to go through a lot of changes,” Hardwick added. “The nucleus of it all is that everyone’s affected because [Ghost] is now affected in the worst way, being locked up.”

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In the Season 3 of “Power,” Angela (Lela Loren) arrested Ghost for allegedly killing Greg Knox (Andy Bean). Since Season 4 will focus on Ghost’s stint in prison and him fighting for his freedom, Hardwick and Jackson were asked whether the character’s dirty laundry will finally come out.

Hardwick confirmed that a lot of his character’s secrets will indeed be revealed. “[Executive producer Cortney Kemp] purposefully made it that, as a fan and as a viewer [you] have to deal with it in a very patient and beautiful way, which is great because we only have 10 episodes,” he said.

“I think what happens is,” he continued, “this year, [Ghost] is trying to figure out whether to go all the way down, to hit rock bottom enough where he can come back and clean up in totality. ‘Coz when you’re that broken, you only got one way to go and that’s up. Or if he’s going to decide to act like he’s not necessarily that broken and come out of jail, not wiser but acting equally as arrogant as before he went in. That’s his issue.”

As for Jackson, when asked if his character Kanan will continue seeking revenge, he replied, “Absolutely.”

The rapper-actor further explained, “The way he was structured from the beginning, he was actually the lead. He actually mentored Ghost’s character, with Tommy coming in. But because Ghost has bigger and brighter ideas of how things should be ran, they trick him off the street. They trick him off the street and ended up running things in a whole other way and had a lot of success with it. But he sees them as he saw them when they first came in and isn’t making adjustments, so even when he loses altercations with them, he lets himself lose that altercation.”

As for the question on every viewer’s minds: will Ghost choose Angela or Tasha (Naturi Naughton) in the end? Unfortunately, Hardwick and Jackson did not reveal whether Ghost will end up with his estranged wife or current lover, with the former only saying, “There will be no Season 4 if we answered that.”

However, Hardwick may have hinted that there’s no happy ending in Ghost and Angela’s future when he said, “The problem with trying to do new is if Curtis is making ‘new’ Angela, the problem is that that ‘new’ got [Ghost] locked up in jail.”

Meanwhile, “Power” executive producer and creator Kemp recently talked about the “Power” Season 4 premiere episode during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She revealed the reason why she gave Season 4, episode 1 the title, “When I Get Out.” “It’s about him trying to keep it together because he knows he didn’t do it, and Angela is scheming and mad at him. She actually thinks he did it,” she explained.

Are you looking forward to seeing what happens to Ghost and the other characters? Find out when “Power” Season 4 premieres on Sunday, June 25 at 8 p.m. EDT on Starz.

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